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Fun FAQs

What makes you the experts?
Our editorial team members test and review toys every single day. Toys are our only job and our main priority. Together, we have more than 80 years of combined experience in the toy industry. We attend all major toy trade shows, we have meaningful relationships with hundreds of toy manufacturers, and we chat with toy retailers and industry analysts on a regular basis. Because we are so immersed in the toy industry, we understand what makes toys engaging and valuable. At the Toy Insider, we know play.

How do you evaluate the toys?
We know what makes a great toy, and we evaluate toys based on a five-point criterion: play value, originality, skill building, product integrity, and fun factor. We look to make sure that the price tag matches how much fun the toy is, we evaluate the educational and social benefits of each toy, and we spend time playing to understand how kids would respond to toys. No toy is ever reviewed without being fully tested. Click here to learn more about our review criteria!

Do you sell toys?
The Toy Insider is not a retailer, and we do not sell any toys. However, all of our reviews and gift guide picks feature a “Buy It Now” button that you can use to purchase the toy at a retailer like Amazon, Walmart, or Toys “R” Us.

I’m a toy manufacturer, can you review my product?
Absolutely! We review new toys 365 days a year. Click here to learn more!

You can also currently submit for our Spring & Summer Gift Guide. Submissions are open through March 13. Click here to learn more!

I’m a YouTuber, can you send me toys for my videos?
Unfortunately, the Toy Insider is not looking to partner with any additional YouTube channels for unboxing videos at this time, but we would still love to hear from you! Please email us if you have proposals on how to work together.

I’m a blogger and I’d like to become a parent panelist. How can I do that?
Unfortunately, the Toy Insider is not looking for any additional parent panelists at this time. But, please send us an email and express your interest! We will be happy to keep you in mind if a spot opens up.

I bought a toy based on a review from and now it’s broken! What do I do?
Unfortunately, the Toy Insider does not directly manufacturer or sell any toys, so you would have to contact the retailer at which you purchased the toy, or the toy manufacturer for help!

I’m looking for a toy expert to help me with a TV segment or holiday gift guide feature!
Awesome! We’d love to help! Please contact our PR firm with more details about what you need from us.