Kids love collectibles. Groundbreaking information, I know. In my day, it was all about Pogs and Pokémon cards. The best aspect of each of these collectible lines was the great game play action. For ’90s kids, it wasn’t just about showing off your holographic Charizard or your slammin’ new slammer (I couldn’t resist), but playing (often for keeps) against friends and showing your skills. And take it from me, millenials are just as eager to collect, trade, and play as ‘90s kids were.

Hog Wild ZipStix Mega Stunt PackZipStix, new from Hog Wild LLC, are set to launch at retail in the spring. ZipStix are high-flying collectibles that resemble miniature slap bracelets. Kids simply place their ZipStix on the included launcher, press down until it pops, and watch as it curls up and flies through the air. ZipStix are sold in single and double packs as well as stunt packs and mega stunt packs, which include additional accessories such as ramps and cones that kids can use to enhance game play.

Kids can play with ZipStix solo or with friends. They can race each other, see who can knock down the most cones, or see who can launch their ZipStix the farthest. ZipStix have an impressive range for their small size, and they can easily soar across a table and high into the air. In our office, we had a little too much fun launching them at each other, but I’m happy to report they are completely painless.

Hog Wild ZipStix in ActionThere are more than 90 designs in the first series, including ones that girls are sure to love. With a punky, edgy feel, ZipStix are ultra affordable, ranging from $3.99 to $19.99, making it easy for kids to collect lots of them without breaking the bank.

My one qualm is that I am left-handed, so instinctually I wanted to launch the ZipStix using my left index finger. However, the launcher is designed to be held down with your left hand while you launch the ZipStix with your right index finger. But, never fear, not a whole lot of dexterity is required to launch, so lefties will be able to manage just fine using their right hands!

A simple concept, ZipStix have an addictive quality to them—you just can’t seem to stop popping and launching. With three levels of awesome—collectability, tradability, and playability—ZipStix are sure to keep kids entertained.