pop pops

Let’s be real: The best part of receiving any package in the mail is finding the bubble wrap inside and popping every last bubble.

YULU has brought the satisfying phenomenon to the toy aisle with Pop Pops Snotz and Pop Pops Pets, combining the best of popping bubble wrap, digging through oozing slime, and discovering pint-size collectibles.

Each Pop Pops is a smooshy bubble, just like one you’d find on a roll of packaging wrap with a fun, colorful twist. The name of the game is popping: Get ready to satisfy your bubble wrap addiction and press in each bubble to hear a clear “snap!” and reveal a gooey slime-filled surprise inside. As kids pop the bubbles, they’ll feel the oozing, gooey slime and perhaps even find a mystery figure inside. Packs are available in sets of 12 or six bubbles with at least two mystery figures.

The figures, which reflect the pack’s snotty or precious theme, bringing an assortment of common, rare, and exclusive squishy characters for kids to collect. Across the first series, there are more than 60 figures to find. This figures are tiny– so be sure to keep them in a safe spot!

pop pops

Pop Pops are available in green and yellow Snotz and pink and purple Pets, so whatever kids want to collect, they can. Snotz come in themes including Solar Chowder, Sporty Snotz, Goo Grooves, and Blobvengers, featuring characters such as a U.F.O nose, a surfing blob monster, and a Spider-Man-inspired Peter Puker.

Not to be outdone by its snotty counterparts, Pets include animal figures of dogs, kittens, and llamas, all dressed in fun looks, such as tennis gear, a bridal ensemble, and photography accessories.

While the starter pack begins with a mix of six bubbles and two figures, kids can kick off their collections with a pop. And for more fun, YULU has additional accessories and play sets to display their adorable pet friends or a giant hammer to smash a whole host of bubbles at once.

For each pop, we just can’t stop.