Who’s yeti to have some fun?!

Yeti, Set, Go!, the follow up to last year’s Yeti In My Spaghetti game, from PlayMonster, picks up where kids left off. Last year’s problem was that those silly yetis kept falling in my spaghetti, and now they are ready to wreak havoc a la meatballs. Instead of balancing on spaghetti (basically mission impossible), these yetis prefer to spend their time kicking meatballs off of snowy mountains. Can I send a request for them to kick one of those tasty meatballs my way?

Players choose from the four different yetis, each with its own personality. For example, there is a yeti that wears an ’80s-inspired workout headband, a too-cool-for-school yeti sporting some shades, a yeti with just a bit of bead head, and perhaps the most relatable yeti yet—a yeti who wears a sleep mask.

Once the game begins, players take turns positioning their yetis, and then tap it on the head to make it kick the meatball. When players hit their yeti, it will kick the meatballs in to the air. The first to get all four meatballs on the ledge wins. Mama mia! 

The challenge is not as simple as it looks. It’s easy to under- or overestimate the distance of the yeti from the mountain while setting up the scene, and another pesky factor that weighs in is the power of a player’s tap. Too hard or too light of a hit on a yeti’s head could be one bit short of success.

As silly as it may be, Yeti, Set, Go! is a fun and exciting game that puts a whole new take on sunny with a chance of meatballs. Meatballs will fly left and right, as players attempt to be the reigning champion, or should I say reigning yeti.