Coloring never goes out of style. Whether it’s with crayons or colored pencils in a kids’ character-centric coloring book or with fine-tip markers in a slightly more upscale, illustrated adult book, coloring is classic play at it’s finest. And now, kids (and adults, who are we to judge?!) can color in a whole new way, using a craft material just itching to get out of the knitting aisle: yarn!

The Y’Art Craft Kit, from Kahootz Toys, offers kids a whole new way to create textile art by coloring with yarn. A signature Grip-N-Stick Y’Artboard holds the yarn in place as kids fill in numbered areas with colored yarn to create fun, textured masterpieces. To get started, kids ages 8 and up thread the Y’Art pen with yarn and then swirl, twirl, zig, and zag the yarn across the board to create the numbered, predetermined design — or they can freestyle and draw whatever their imaginations conjure up!


With Y’Art, there’s no worrying about coloring inside the lines or creating mistakes that ruin your whole picture. Not only is it totally mess-free (looking at you, oil pastels), but it’s oops-proof, too. If kids make a mistake, they can just lift the yarn up and reposition it into a better spot.

The regular Y’Art Craft Kit is available in five different designs: Puppy, Unicorn, Flamingo, Narwhal, and Llama. It comes with an 8-inch by 10-inch, pre-printed, numbered canvas; six bundles of yarn; the Y’Art pen; instructions; and a cut-out display frame for kids to showcase their finished projects.

Y'Art Puppy