X-Shot Fast-Fill Water Blaster

The best way to cool off on a hot summer day is to declare a water blaster fight! Kids will knock the competition out of — and into — the water with the X-SHOT Fast-Fill Water Blaster from ZURU, designed for kids ages 5 and up.

The key to success in any water fight is to be the fastest. Size doesn’t matter as long as you can be the first to fill and squirt your blaster, and that’s what gives ZURU’s newest blaster an edge. It has a large tank to store 24 ounces of water — just press the button on the back to open it up, dunk it in a pool of water, and close the seal to fill the tank in one second. RapidSeal technology instantly closes the blaster tank, sealing all that water inside. This way of filling the blaster up is quicker and easier than other blasters that involve slowly suctioning water inside through a tube. If kids want to play in the park or in a backyard without a pool, no worries because they can also fill up the tank with a hose.

After the blaster is full of water, kids can pump the handle to squirt bursts of water up to 34 feet away. On especially hot days, kids can even add ice cubes into the tank for a refreshingly cool way to beat the heat.

The blaster is not too big or heavy, perfectly sized for kids to run around with, which will have them participating in active play all summer long. Parents will love that their kids are spending more time outdoors, getting exercise and being social rather than camping out on the couch.

The design makes for easy cleanup too because kids can open the chamber and dump out any remaining water when they’re done playing.

At only $9.99, it’s affordable for parents to purchase several of them to prepare for pool parties and play dates. Water fights are way more fun if everyone gets involved — you don’t want to leave anyone in the dust without a way to join in. For the ultimate water battle, combine it with ZURU’s Bunch O Balloons… now it’s a party!