Crash and Smash (Safely) With Zuru’s X-Shot Bubble Ball

The road to fun begins with a single bounce.

Zuru’s X-Shot Bubble Ball is an inflatable air chamber that lets kids ages 8 and up take contact sports to the next level. An ideal outdoor and active toy, it’s perfect for running and rolling around all summer long.

In order for kids to be the best Jimmy Livingston they can be, they’ll need an electric air pump and a parent’s help to feed their bubble ball it’s healthy serving of air. After filling it through the easy inflate valve, their personal plastic fortress will measure up to four feet. Smaller-sized kids will be almost completely encased in the durable and protective PVC material, which is hands down a childhood dream of mine becoming a reality.But the X-Shot Bubble Ball is more than just PVC filled with air. The bubbles, which come in both orange and blue and feature multiple air chambers, are like bouncy house suits that kids can wear. They’ll put any outdoor adventure seeker in a plastic case of emotion.

Once inside, kids can gear up and secure themselves with two adjustable nylon shoulder straps and foam padded handles. These features ensure that kids will remain inside their circular safe-haven when the going gets tough and rough on the outside.

The best part about Zuru’s X-Shot Bubble Balls is that there’s no right way or wrong way to play once kids have inflated it to its full 51-inch diameter. After suiting up, young energetics can choose to just run, roll, and dive all over the lawn, or introduce the bubbles to traditional outdoor games such as soccer, football, or tag. Either way, they make any form of outdoor play that much more fun and wacky.

These bubble balls are translucent sanctuaries. Kids can bounce off the ground, off their friends, and almost everything in between thanks to the resilient plastic shell. But safety always comes first, so kids should be reminded to hold on tight when the inevitable happens:


See the X-Shot Bubble Ball in action below:



Manufacturer: Zuru
MSRP: $54.00

2 Responses to “Crash and Smash (Safely) With Zuru’s X-Shot Bubble Ball”

  1. Wayne Chung

    Bought two for christmad, lasted 30 mins then popped, do not buy this item is worthless

  2. Larry bright

    Purchased two for Christmas , and both split at a seam ( nonrepairable) within 10 minutes of play.


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