Lumi Drone 8 (high-res)

The Lumi Gaming Drone, the newest innovation from WowWee, launched today on Indiegogo. Lumi is a highly advanced, yet easy-to-fly quadcopter that combines exciting drone action with accessible controls. With BeaconSense technology, Lumi can fly itself while the user plays, directs and commands the drone for app-based Gamified Flight.

With select Bluetooth LE devices running iOS or Android, users can select motions, maneuvers, stunts, or just take control and fly Lumi with ease. Various game modes include challenging the player to follow sequences of flashing lights and music while Lumi flies and dances in the air. More advanced users can even experiment with creating their own games, thanks to Lumi’s open API. Choreography Mode also gives the user the ability to program custom flight moves, and record them for sharing with friends on social media.

To bolster the creativity of the community, the WowWee team has included exclusive “Maker Kit” perks in the campaign. In addition to the drone and beacon, the Maker Kits will include two Bluetooth pods, and in the Advanced Kit, an Analytic Tracker that will send debug data to the user’s PC in real-time. WowWee’s Lumi Gaming Drone is available with an Early Bird pledge for one Lumi starter park beginning at $59. The first batch of Lumi drones is expected to ship to backers in August, with the Maker Kits shipping in September.

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