Source: hand2mind/ the Toy Insider

Eight real gemstones, three continent-shaped digging blocks, and a world of fun: the World of Gemstones Dig Kit from hand2Mind has it all.

With this fun activity set, kids can dig up gemstones including amethyst, red jasper, aventurine, and jade from three blocks shaped like continents. After they’re done digging, they can also discover interesting facts about the cultures within the countries where the gemstones are found. The digging itself leads kids to feel as if they’re on an excavation, as the continents are made out of sturdy clay that the included chisel (a kid-safe safe one!) easily breaks through.

This kit is unlike other gemstone digging kits because it gets kids thinking about where these gems are found, not just how. Instead of excavating through dirt or bigger rocks, kids dig into the continents where they could really find these gems. Europe, Asia, and Africa each have gemstones that are as different as the cultures that live within them — so why not learn about both? In addition, the activity guide starts by teaching kids what the word “culture” even means.

The display included in the World of Gemstones Dig Kit | Source: hand2mind

It’s one part geology, one part sociology, and all STEM: Kids can get excited about finding cool new gems, but also about learning! My favorite part of the kit is that the box doubles as a display case, so kids can show off their discoveries and teach their friends about them, too. It gets kids excited about learning, but also about sharing knowledge and accomplishments with others.

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Kids can get everything they need right from the kit. In addition to the other goodies, it comes with a magnifying glass and a mini chisel. My hope is that one day, hand2mind will release a kit with the other continents not covered (there are seven total after all) or maybe even a deluxe kit with gemstones from every continent. For now, this one rocks.