World Colors Modeling Clay | Source: Faber-Castell/the Toy Insider

Faber-Castell is growing its World Colors line to add more realistic and diverse skin colors for kids to feel more representation in their toys.

The new World Colors Beeswax Crayons and World Colors Modeling Clay are the perfect tools for kids to get creative with while accepting and celebrating people of all skin colors. Six new skin tones will join the World Colors Modeling Clay line, with 15 colors in total. The clay is non-drying, gluten-free, and easy for kids to shape as they build.

World Colors Crayons | Source: Faber-Castell

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The World Colors Beeswax Crayons feature 15 break-resistant, triangular-shaped crayons, six of which are blendable to create any skin tone.

Faber-Castell’s new products are helping kids create with all the colors of the world!