Winter is a time to snuggle up and enjoy some hot cocoa and quality family time. It can also be a time of hay fever and a lot of indoor play and crafting. To get you through the cold days, I’ve got a few ideas for making winter crafts and memories. These crafts are good for all ages and some can also make wonderful decorations around your home. Best of all? These are all low mess and low stress!

Snowman Craft

We love to read books about winter, snow and, of course, snowmen! To make your own snowman, pull together supplies from around the house, like spare bits of yarn, googly eyes, pom poms, and maybe some pipe cleaners. Grab some construction paper and markers, and use a simple snowman template. (Pro tip: You can even trace the bottom of cans in the pantry to get those perfect circles!) We find things both inside and outside to help create our snowfriend. Arm your child with a placemat and a glue stick, and get crafting!

3D Snowflakes

My daughter and I really like to get crafty and make these giant 3D paper snowflakes. The supplies are easy to find (copy paper, staples, and a pair of scissors!) and you can also get very creative by coloring the paper and hanging them up for all to see. Here’s a full video tutorial for 3D giant paper snowflakes.

Snowflakes & Snowballs

Let’s not forget about some simple snowflakes with cotton swabs and white crayons. Just lay them out and add your own personal touches with crayons or markers. If you want to get really fancy, add glitter. However, I like to keep this as mess free as possible. I’ve also been known to host an indoor snowball fight here and there. Making our own “snowballs” is a fun way to get excited. Using yarn to make our snowballs keeps the kids busy and builds anticipation for the soon-to-be-had battle fun. Plus, our snowballs can be colorful and as big or small as we want.

Other Craft Ideas

If you’re looking for something a little more of a science experiment, make sure you check out this DIY Gak from fellow Toy Insider Parent Stephanie Glover. Want to get ready for the Big Game? Toy Insider Parent Lead Charlene DeLoach has Super Bowl activities and craft ideas to try out.

What types of crafts do you like to do on a winter day?