Game night just got a little sillier.

Who Cut the Cheese?, from Epoch Everlasting Play, not only teaches preschoolers some fun counting skills, but it’s also good for some giggles.

Kids set up the game board and the electronic cheese wheel and each player gets a—super safe!—pretend plastic knife. Players take turn rolling the die. Before players can move forward down the board, they must cut the electronic cheese wheel with their knife the number of times indicated on the die. Each time they slice the cheese, the wheel will make a silly sound. Slice the cheese three times, get three silly sounds—move forward down the game board! Of course, the winner is the one to make it to the finish line at the end of the game board first.

But! If players “cut the cheese” and hear a “frrrrrrrt” sound—yeah, that’s correct, it’s a really loud fart sound, you won’t miss it—you have to go back to the start. And look, I know they say that kids love fart jokes, but even as an adult that is SUPER funny when some pretend cuts into cheese and it makes a fart sound. That LOL factor is going to make Mom and Dad more OK with sitting down and playing a board game, too. (More like NOT BORED game, amiright?)

I know what you’re thinking: How can it get any better for a preschooler? Well, what’s great about this silly game is that it teaches kids a lot of skills, all while they’re too busy giggling at fart sounds to notice. They’ll practice their counting skills, yes, but also their fine motor and dexterity skills. Since the game has a different kind of gameplay, it’ll keep them more engaged and focused than they would with traditional board game play.

Check out Marissa and I playing Who Cut the Cheese—plus other fun games and toys coming out this year!