There are two types of babies: those that sleep through the night and those that most certainly do not.

Many newborn parents are faced with the latter, and in turn, sleepless nights and exhausting days. Enter: Whisbear The Humming Bear, a new smart plush that will help soothe and hum newborns to sleep.

This innovative sleeping aid recreates the sounds of the womb and is designed to help newborns as they move from prenatal to postnatal life. Whisbear is a two-part product. First, there is the adorable grey plush that has pops of color to create a calming aesthetic. Then comes the CRYsensor, which is responsible for the real magic. The CRYsensor is the tiny, white circular device privy to the sound of a baby’s cry. It will switch on its soothing sounds to help a newborn find some R&R faster than you can say, “Rockabye Baby.”

How does this wizardry work? It’s simple… Well, maybe not so simple if you ask the creators behind it, but it’s simple to use and that’s all that matters! Just tap the big button on the sensor and a white noise sound will be emitted for about 40 minutes. After that, the noise casually fades away and the machine goes into a standby mode.

Like all good parents, the CRYsesnor is always on call. As soon as a child starts to cry or restlessly move in his or her crib, within seconds Whisbear will emit the soothing, static sound for a 20-minute period before going back into standby mode. As for the plush, in addition to being so gosh darn adorable, it also has a Velcro pouch on the back of its head to hold the CRYsensor so it appears like the noise is coming from their bear buddy. 

Whisbear is also designed to grow with a child. The plush doubles as a sensory toy, and has ears and paws that rustle, as well as contrasting fabrics. The stuffed animal is made with sewn-in magnets at the end of  its arms and legs, so it can attach to strollers, car seats, bags, and beyond. To sum it up, Whisbear is the perfect companion for sleep and play. And, happy baby makes for even happier parents.

What’s that I hear? Oh, just the sound of new parents snoring their way into a well-earned dreamlike void.