WowWee’s What’s That Smell Reeks, In a Good Way

Get the upchuck bucket ready, because this game stinks.

Designed for teens and adults ages 14 and up, WowWee’s What’s That Smell? challenges players to identify stanky smells with nothing but their nose holes. The wacky game includes 48 different mystery whiff cards, 4 Stank cards & scent-barrier bags, 6 cardholders, a sheet of whiff strips, and a score pad so smellers can keep track of who’s got the best sniffer.

To start a round, players first must gather 2 to 6 brave friends. Once set, each player chooses a Mystery Whiff Card. Using the What’s That Smell app, teens can select their own game settings, including the number of mystery smells they’ll be sniffing and the time allotted per round.

Once the timer starts, players must gently scratch their card, flare their nostrils, and guess what the smell is by writing it down on their score pad. Smells can be anything from bacon to manure, so it’s best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. After sniffing, cards are passed to the left until everyone has smelled all of the cards.

Whichever player correctly identifies the most smells is crowned the nose-it-all, a position of immense power. Winners get to choose a player to take three big whiffs of one of four Stank cards, which are seriously smelly. These scents include Diaper Blowout, Smothered in B.O., Extra Old Toe Cheese, and my personal favorite: Hot Chunky Vomit. So yeah, don’t lose.

For even more fun, players can utilize the Reek Cam feature in the app to capture their friend’s taking whiffs of Stank cards. The videos are perfect for social media, or for a good laugh the next day.

What’s That Smell? is a great party game for teens and adults alike. And with scents that seriously stink, there’s no telling where the fun will go.



Manufacturer: WowWee
MSRP: 19.99

One Response to “WowWee’s What’s That Smell Reeks, In a Good Way”

  1. Stefanie Alston

    I LOVE IT!!!!! I played with a group of friends and we had a ball. After 3 rounds we were nose blind…lol. I would love to see an expansion pack of smell cards and more stank card. I would love to see what other smells you all can come up with. How does that process even work? I am so interested. Only down side is that my stank cards somehow were open slightly when I purchased it from Target. So a couple of my stank cards don’t have a smell when scratched. But, overall this is a FUN and FUNNY game!!!


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