Everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back on the block this weekend. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters Friday, May 2, and now kids can take home all of the web-slinging action, thanks to Hasbro’s intense line of role-play and action figure toys.

SPIDER-MAN TRIPLE ATTACK ELECTRONIC SPIDER-MAN A5714Standing at 10-inches tall, the Triple Attack Spider-Man Electronic Figure is ready for battle. The figure includes two different gauntlets that activate lights and more than 25 unique sounds and phrases. The web whip induces crime-fighting phrases, while the web spear (that’s right, web SPEAR) enables Spidey to take on Electro with movie-themed phrases. Kids can also remove all of Spidey’s accessories to hear some wise-cracking comments. Designed for kids ages 4 and up, this tri-striking Spider-Man is perfect for any action-figure-lover.

SPIDER-MAN MOTORIZED SPIDER FORCE WEB BLASTER A7407With the wrist-mounted Motorized Spider Force Web Blaster, kids can fire foam discs featuring web embellishments up to 20 feet with rapid speed. Each Motorized Spider Force Web Blaster comes with 10 Nerf foam discs that can be stored in the storage compartment on the top of the toy so they won’t get lost. Don’t worry—the foam discs are harmless and don’t hurt if you get hit with them. Designed for kids ages 5 and up, kids can take on any villain with this fun role-play toy. I should also note—it’s unbelievably fun for adults, too (especially if you have kids around willing to scoop up the discs for you). Just don’t let the name fool you—there are no messy webs with this product, just soft, foam discs!

SPIDER-MAN ELECTRONIC SPIDER SENSE MASK A5713The Spider Vision Electronic Mask gives kids ages 5 and up a Spidey sense, allowing them to spot villains using innovative Mircoprism Fire Vision technology. The mask includes two discs that illuminate once activated by the button on the Spider Vision Mask. While the technology isn’t overly astounding, the mask itself is fun for kids to channel their inner-Spidey.

MEGA BLAST WEB SHOOTER + GLOVE A6726Of course, we saved the best for last! With the wrist-mounted Mega Blaster Web Shooter with Glove, kids ages 5 and up can blast either Spidey Shot Web Fluid or water with just the push of a button. Just pull on the Spider-Man Glove and the Mega Blaster Web Shooter and get ready to blast webs like Spidey. The blaster comes with a water canister and a 3.8-ounce can of Spidey Shot Web Fluid. Beware: the web fluid (as you can imagine) is basically silly string. It’s insanely fun, and it is also kind of a pain to clean up. What’s great about this toy is the water play option—no crying once the web fluid runs out! This adds lots of play value to the item.

With all of these great toys, kids will be more than prepared to save the day Spidey-style when Electro comes knocking with the Green Goblin in tow.