e5361-Hydroponics-Kit_PkgLWhen I was in elementary school, one of my first biology experiments involved growing plants in recycled egg cartons. But now, learning about plant life is a bit more sophisticated for today’s kids.

With the Way to Grow Hydroponics Kit, from Educational Insights, kids learn how to grow plants in water. The included 22-page gardening diary brings the classroom to the kitchen table, providing kids with tons of facts about the different hydroponic plants they can grow, how to germinate seeds, the process of photosynthesis, and how to grow a better beanstalk. The diary also includes different measuring charts for kids to record their observations. Be advised that the kit doesn’t come with seeds, so you’ll need to purchase them separately.


The set includes two flasks, each with its own trellis, which feature engraved rulers to make it easier for kids to record the accurate heights of their plants. On the opposite side of the flasks are thermometers to measure the temperature of the water, further helping plant growth. Both flasks are clear, allowing kids to get a better look at their plants while they watch the roots grow in the water. This makes the slow process a little more exciting, especially for kids with little patience. The two flasks make it possible for kids to experience hydroponics with a sibling or friend, which is great, because it gives them something to go back to for days as they observe the growing process.

The diary lays out steps for kids to follow on getting started, as well as suggestions of seeds to buy. Before growing the plants in the flasks, a few seeds need to go through the germination process. The steps on how to do this are included on the first page of the diary. Once the seeds are germinated, kids need to fill the flasks with water and place the germinated seeds in the seed basket, gently pushing the roots through the holes. The seed basket should be half full of water. After these steps are completed it’s time to wait for the plants to grow.

The diary explains how to know when it’s time to change the water, how to do it carefully, and that the plants should be kept in a sunny spot. The suggested age of this kit is 8 and up, but kids may need assistance for some of the steps, such as the one where the roots need to be gently pushed through the holes of the seed basket.

Nancy B’s Way to Grow Hydroponics Kit teaches kids STEM concepts, and is a perfect summer project to keep kids learning while school is out. From learning about hydroponics, to how to clone plants, the kit offers many different, fun learning experiments. Growing plants without soil is fascinating, and it gives kids something to revisit everyday, as the exciting process of change occurs right in front of their eyes.