In Watermelon Smash, it’s smash or be splashed.

YULU’s newest party game is made of luck, high stakes roulette, and lots and lots of water! This game couldn’t come at a more perfect time because it’s in the shape of the best summer fruit of all time, a juicy watermelon, complete with vines the players can hold onto and watermelon seeds.

Players first fill the watermelon with water in the designated compartment, and then take turns flicking the spinner to determine how many times they tap the watermelon on their heads. The melon will begin cracking, and at random it will completely pull apart into two pieces, in which the contents of the watermelon will fall all over that player!

If you’re playing inside or want to play a round where nobody wants to get wet, then players can fill the watermelon with whatever they want. The game comes with watermelon seeds to use instead. As an ultimate summer party game, players can even fill the melon with confetti, perfect to celebrate during any birthday party. Either way—it’s a smashing good time!

Don’t be deceived, y’all. I thought the water compartment contained a lot less than it actually does. If the watermelon cracks on your turn, you will get covered with water as it quickly flows from the game piece and into your hair and all over your face! To be totally honest, it’s really satisfying to watch others get drenched.

Since you never really know when the watermelon will fully crack open, each time you go to press the melon on your head, it’s almost that feeling like you don’t even want to do it. It’s hilarious each time the watermelon cracks because even though you know it’s coming, just like how in every scary movie the main character without fail walks down the creepy hallway and into the danger, it’s a surprise each time. The game offers that sweet giddy feeling of giving you butterflies as you await your roulette fate.

The winner of the game is the last one standing without getting drenched, and if you’re really lucky like me, then you’ll get soaked with seeds multiple times per round. But if players get nice, cool water all over them when they’re playing in the hot summer heat, then I could that as a major win. Made sure to guarantee lots of laughs and suspense, Watermelon Smash is a game that’s one in a melon—haha, get it?