Here’s something to chalk about: Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk Spiral Art is the new outdoor art set your kids will be pining to get their soon-to-be chalk-dusty hands on.

This set includes six stencils, four pieces of chalk, and the Orbiter unit, which will position stencils while kids trace. Kids will attach their stencil to the Orbiter (takes all of two seconds), trace inside of the stencil, then move the stencil to the next position. To do this, kids just have the push the top of the Orbiter down, and it will rotate automatically to untraced pavement 😯, allowing kids to create 360-degree symmetrical designs.

Each time kids press the top of the Orbiter down, the stencil rotates 20 degrees. Press it 18 times to complete a whole circle. If kids are looking for a more spaced out design, they can double press it so it rotates 40 degrees each time. Kids can also alternate the color chalk they use or shade in their tracings for different designs. 

For best results, kids should trace their designs on a flat, smooth sidewalk or driveway. While tracing, kids should hold stencil down. If the unit moves, kids should take the stencil out and line it up with their last trace. Then, proceed as usual. Stencils work with any type of sidewalk chalk or Crayola sidewalk drawing products. As with any Crayola Sidewalk Chalk, designs are completely washable and will magically disappear with help from a garden hose or during the next rainy day.

The Washable Sidewalk Chalk Spiral Art Kit is a fun and easy way to create intricate street masterpieces. All you need is to know how to trace and some clean pavement 😊 🌈.