What’s old is new again with Super Impulse’s Wacky Packages Minis, a line of collectibles based on the classic stickers that trading card company Topps first launched in the ‘60s.

The new line will transform the original parody stickers into 3D collectibles that act as spoofs of popular household products, such as Cap’N Crud, Band-Ache, Ghoul Scout Cookies, Crypt’s Ahoy!, and Dr. Pooper. There are 66 minis in the collection, including six ultra-rare styles in pearlescent white. Each blind package “cup” of Wacky Packages Minis includes five mini products, a miniature Original Wacky Packages sticker, and a collector checklist.

Wacky Packages Minis are now available at Amazon, Target, and specialty retailers. It will launch soon at Walmart as well.