Plush Toy Reviews

VTech is known for its wonderfully educational line of toys, and its new toys for infants and preschoolers are no exception. VTech has a comprehensive line available of more than 100 products that help enrich kids’ development as they reach different milestones throughout their infant, toddler, and preschool years. This adorable Crinkle & Roar Lion is designed for kids of all ages, and it’s packed with just as much educational value as it is fun.

Let’s start off with this little king of the jungle’s appearance. He’s brightly colored and covered in fun patterns. He’ll grab the attention of any baby or toddler with his friendly face and brilliant mane. He’s got multicolor paws and a cute little tail as well. Plus, this lion has everything babies love about tactile play. The mane has a silky texture, the paws are adorably crinkly, and his fur is soft and cuddly. The added features like the mirror, ribbon tags, and hook to hang the lion on a stroller, carseat, or crib will keep baby engaged anytime, anywhere.

And since it’s VTech, it’s of course full of fun, educational tech. Kids can press the colorful shape buttons on the lion’s side to learn shapes, colors, and letters. Shaking the lion activates a motion sensor, and kids can hear him roar and play other cheerful sounds. Although his body is not entirely plushy soft due to the mechanics inside, it is tucked away well enough that babies can still snuggle up with their new friend.

While kids will be entertained for hours with all of this lion’s fun features, parents will love his logistics. The attachable clip makes him the perfect take along toy, and he’s small enough to fit inside of a diaper bag without taking up too much room. He’s packed full of educational value, so babies will learn while working on their social intelligence, self-awareness, emotional development, and small motor skills.