Buckle up kids; you’re the ones driving today.

Designed for kids ages 8 and up, the VR Real Feel Racing 3-D reality simulator from VR Entertainment lets young ones get behind the wheel and in the drivers seat as they catch big air and cut sharp corners at full tilt. Included in the set is a headset, a wireless steering wheel, and an instruction sheet.

Before kids can immerse themselves in the thrill of the race, they’ll have to download the free game app, VR Real Feel. The software is available on both Google Play and the App Store, so owners of both Apple and Android devices can enjoy the experience.

VR Real Feel Racing is the ultimate driving experience for kids, without the dangers of truly being behind the wheel at the age of 12. The included steering wheel (which requires three AAA batteries) features a brake and a throttle, as well as force feedback that vibrates when kids hit a bump or crash. Proportional steering also allows for a smooth ride from start to finish.Kids can drop their smart device inside the headset to dive headfirst into the virtual world. The housing compartment has an adjustable cradle, so kids will have no problem fitting their iPod touch, iPhone, or Android phone inside. It’s even large enough to hold the iPhone 6 Plus. The foam face and soft strap makes it a comfortable wear as well.After drivers connect the steering wheel to the app through Bluetooth, it’s race time. At the start of each course, drivers can choose their preferred view. There’s perspective, close up, behind, and far back modes. I opted for perspective mode, as it sat me right in the front seat of my vehicle. I was also able to cycle through these modes mid race, which was nice.

Driving in perspective mode

In addition to multiple views, players can choose from four different vehicles (each with their own performance characteristics) and eight different track variations.Overall, the driving experience is surprisingly smooth and the race atmosphere is colorful and detailed. While driving, players can view their position, their location on the track, and their speed. As they maneuver around each bend and start a new lap, they’ll have the opportunity to grab power ups that send their steering wheel shaking as they speed past fellow racers. There’s even the option for kids to race in full-screen mode, without the use of the goggles. It’s certainly not the same immersive experience, but it’s a more traditional way to play and a great alternative option.

Since the game features stereo high-definition sound effects, the battery life of kids’ devices may not last as long as usual. It’s best to play on a full charge to ensure the experience isn’t cut short.

Featuring 3-D high-definition graphics, VR Real Feel Racing lets kids feel the bumps in the road, the impacts of each crash, and the torque their ride generates. It’s an immersive, thrilling experience that only adds to the coolness factor of virtual reality technology.

See VR Real Feel Racing in action below: