VIP Pets Color Boost | Source: IMC Toys

Imagine styling a dog’s hair with pink braids, pastel space buns, and fabulous crowns. Now you can do it without getting a call from PETA with VIP Pets Color Boost from IMC Toys, recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

Like the original VIP Pets that launched last year, these puppy figures have 12 inches of flowing locks in candy-colored hues that kids can style to the nines. What’s new and exciting about series three of the Color Boost pets is that now kids can add bursts of color to the VIP Pets’ hair with a special styling tool.

VIP Pets Color Boost | Source: IMC Toys

The unboxing is impressive from the start: As kids twist the top of the shampoo bottle-shaped package, an iridescent curtain rolls up to reveal the VIP Pet sitting in a salon chair. Kids can remove the bottom of the capsule to unbox a bag full of accessories, including sunglasses for the VIP Pet, hair ties, hair styling tools, and more. There are nine surprises to unbox in total.

VIP Pets Color Boost | Source: IMC Toys

To add pops of color to the VIP Pet’s hair, kids can place the tiny brick of colored wax inside the mini-hair tool and then run the tool through the pet’s hair. The hair wax that came with my VIP Pet was teal, which looked fabulous in the pet’s pink-and-purple locks. The VIP Pets also include instructions for completing several different hairstyles that parents can even replicate on their own kids to give them the trendiest hair in school. The hair color isn’t the only stylish surprise either: Kids can wipe the VIP Pet’s face with a wet cloth to reveal a fancy eye makeup look, such as butterfly winged eyeliner or polka dot eyeshadow.

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There are 13 VIP Pets Color Boost characters in total, including the main VIP Pets characters with a new, colorful look, and three brand-new characters named Wanda, Bianca, and Jazzy.

Life is too short to have boring hair so choose the glam life with VIP Pets Color Boost!