Untamed by Fingerlings have been unleashed, and they need to be tamed!

This line of interactive toys from WowWee combines the fun of Fingerlings with the fierceness of dinosaurs and other fearsome creatures. Made for kids ages 5 and up, the Untamed creatures are easily portable and can hang from kids’ hands, desks, belt loops, and endless other creative places using their hooked tails and hugging arms.

The Untamed line currently includes three different types of dinos: T. rex, velociraptor, and “bonehead” (skeletal dinos). Each can move its mouth, eyes, and head and makes more than 40 different sound effects. The Untamed will also react to touch; tap its head to get a response, or risk sticking your finger in its mouth. Will you get chomped?

To expand on imaginative play and portability, the Untamed line offers a Jailbreak play set. This cage, which can hold two Untamed creatures, is a fun way to take Untamed on the go. It features a breakaway side panel that the Untamed can crash through, if you sit them up just right and flip a switch on the cage. The set includes an exclusive Infrared T. rex, with glow-in-the-dark eyes and teeth.

Untamed can also be part of kids’ screen-time play with the Untamed ARena app, which launched in early October. The augmented reality app allows kids to scan their Untamed toy using a tablet or phone, creating a virtual version of the toy. Using an interface similar to Pokémon Go, the virtual dinosaur wanders through the real world. Kids can battle fellow Untamed trainers’ dinos in real time, care for and feed own their dinos, and work towards becoming a master creature trainer. The app is free to download and play.

Whether kids keep their Untamed play in the real word or supplement it with augmented reality, any dino lover will enjoy discovering the different personalities and sounds of each creature.

Stay tuned as the Untamed line continues to expand with more breeds closer to the holidays!