Bitmojis are now available in ‘UNO!’ | Source: Mattel163

There’s something about Bitmojis that makes everything more fun.

If you’re asking yourself what a Bitmoji is, you’ve probably seen it before on social media. It’s a personalized avatar that users can customize to create a cartoon version of themselves. You can place your Bitmoji doppelganger in different scenarios by adding meme-like text and different facial expressions and text it to friends or unlock special filters on Snapchat.

As of today, fans of the classic card game UNO can use custom Bitmoji avatars in the UNO! mobile game from Mattel163, the mobile gaming joint venture between Mattel and NetEase. This partnership with Snap will create a more personalized UNO! experience as players use their Bitmojis to express dramatic reactions to the game that they can share online.

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Players must sign into their Snapchat account to upload their Bitmoji avatar into the UNO! game. They can use their Bitmoji avatar as their UNO! profile picture and create hilarious moments to showcase their game highlights. The UNO! mobile game features a classic mode, a 2×2 mode, an in-game chat, global tournaments, and more.

Experience the update now by downloading UNO! in the App Store, Google Play Store, or Samsung Galaxy store.