Twister Moves Skip-It, from Hasbro, takes the classic Skip-It toy and adds fun new elements to further engage kids ages 6 and up. I had a Skip-It in the early 90s, and between my sister and I and our friends on the block, we wore that thing out. It’s a great way for kids to have a blast while doing some serious cardio—good old fashioned physical play that keeps kids moving.

The new Twister Moves Skip-It has certainly changed since I last used one so many years ago. The ankle loop, which kids slip around one foot, is much more comfortable now. It’s rounded-edge design is gentle on sensitive ankles and exposed skin, so kids can swing away without getting sore. The Skip-It on the opposite end reatures a rubberized roller, to count skips, as well as a three-digit counter that can be reset. Kids can also attach the Twister Moves Moves Tracker, which is sold separately, to include their skips to their overall daily count of their movements.

Hasbro also teamed up with Demi Lovato for this Skip-It, which I think is a great way to not only call attention to the product, but also to engage kids with their favorite musical artist. Demi has called on fans via social media to play along in “the biggest game of Twister ever.” Fans can follow her online and demonstrate their skills using the hashtag #LetsMove.

Finding new ways to revive classic toys is always exciting to see from manufacturers. Now that the weather is nice, kids can grab their Twister Move Skip-It, turn on some Demi tunes, and skip away.