Goal: $48,000
Funding Period: Until June 29
Creator: Paul Boswell

Turing Tumble is a game for the future coder in kids. Targeted toward kids ages 8 and up, players are tasked with building marble-powered mechanical computers to solve logic puzzles, all while following the storyline of a comic book included in the collection of puzzles.

The product comes with 105 parts including: a game board, a game stand, 30 ramps, eight gear bits, four gears, 20 red marbles, 20 blue marbles, and a puzzle book. The book contains 51 puzzles that grow gradually more difficult. The puzzles go hand-in-hand with a 20-page comic story, adding a plot line to the various puzzles kids can solve.

Each puzzle requires players build a computer that completes an objective. To begin, players build the starting setup pictured on the page, then they must figure out where to put the remaining parts listed under “Add to board” to complete the objective. The project focuses on teaching kids to code and helping them see and feel how computers work through logic, critical thinking skills, and fundamental coding concepts.

Adults can also attempt puzzles. The further players go into the book, the more challenging the puzzles become.

Kickstarter donations range from $1 to $1,000. Prizes go from a Turing Tumble at early bird $15 off pricing to a Turing Tumble for yourself and 20 for a school or classroom of your choosing. If the project is fully backed on Kickstarter, Turing Tumble will likely work with Panda Game Manufacturing for the first production run.

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