TsumTsumApp1Tsum Tsum plush are pellet-shaped, Japanese-styled versions of kids’ favorite Disney characters.  Not only are there three sizes of physical plush pals for kids to collect, stack, and show off, but the corresponding Tsum Tsum mobile game, from Line and Disney Interactive, will keep Disney fans engaged for hours.

The free-to-play game opens with Tsum Tsum friends partying in the Disney Store after it closes—but it’s almost opening time, and players must return the plush pals to their rightful places!

When gameplay begins, Tsum Tsum characters are stacked on the screen in an unstable manner and players must match lines of the same character in any direction to make them pop and make room for new Tsum Tsum buddies. Players only have 60 seconds to match as many characters as they can, earning coins along the way. The longer the line of characters players connect, the more coins and points they earn. Players also have daily tasks to complete in order to earn coins and rubies, which give them more lives, since you only get five at a time and it takes 15 minutes for each life to regenerate (trust me: you’ll actually be grateful for this, as it will force you to return to normal life every half hour or so).

TsumTsumApp3The more points players earn, the more characters they can unlock. Players have a choice between two mystery character boxes: Happiness or Premium. While the Happiness box only costs 10,000 coins, the Premium box is 30,000 and holds more coveted characters. Featuring classics like Mickey and Minnie, kids will see other familiar faces as well, such as the Toy Story aliens, Piglet, Tigger, and Daisy & Donald Duck.

While the game is free to play, there are plenty of opportunities for players to spend money, including to buy more Tsum Tsum characters,  and purchase more rubies for extended play. Of course, the app will prompt you to enter your password each time, so kids won’t have immediate access to run up your iTunes account.

The game runs through Line, an online messaging app, and if a player links his or her Line account he or she can share high scores, level ups, and longest chains with friends. However, if you do not have a Line account, you can simply enjoy the game as a “guest.”

The gameplay is so simple, but kids and adults alike can enjoy it, especially with so many familiar faces to delight in. A perfect time-waster or way to keep kids busy, the game encourages you to beat your high score, unlock new characters, and get the longest line of characters possible. But, the real challenge is forcing yourself not to spend the few dollars to advance at a faster rate!

See the Tsum Tsum app in action!

Tsum Tsum Mobile Game