Toy Story Tamagotchis | Source: Disney/Pixar/Bandai America

There’s a snake in my boot! No, wait, it’s actually a Tamagotchi!

Tamagotchis would have been right at home in any of the Toy Story movies, and the virtual pets are finally getting their chance to meet Buzz and Woody with a collaboration between Bandai America and Disney and Pixar.

The Toy Story Tamagotchi features 17 Toy Story characters that kids can interact with in place of the typical Tamagotchi alien. Kids can play with their toys to keep them happy, make their toys do their favorite actions as a treat, and clean their toys to make sure they don’t get dusty. If kids don’t care for their toys properly, they’ll be sold at a yard sale (except Forky, who will run away to hide in the trash).

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Kids can play with Woody to determine what character they’ll be introduced to next, and they’ll meet special visitors throughout the day. There are also two secret characters to unlock as part of the 17 total characters. There are also three mini games within the pocket-size egg: Jump! Duke Caboom, Fly! Green Soldiers, and Drive! RC. 

Recommended for kids ages 8 and up, the Disney and Pixar Toy Story Tamagotchi is available in two styles: Woody with a blue shell and a cloud print or Buzz with a white shell and Toy Story icons. Pre order the Tamagotchi on Amazon now for $19.99 before it hits store shelves in July.