If you had a pet, wouldn’t you want to carry it around with you all day long?

Kids can do exactly that with Zookiez Slappy, from Toy Target. These collectible plush toys have flexible arms and legs that go from straight to bendy, and are made to clip onto things so that kids can wear them, carry them around, or display them without losing them.

Each Zookiez Slappy has its own name, birth date, and horoscope sign, so kids can get to know their unique personalities, just like a real pet. There are 52 characters to collect, including Chester the tiger, Dixie the duck, Flappy the elephant, and so many more.

With a flick of the wrist, kids can slap the Zookiez Slappy on their arms to wear it as a bracelet, like a dependable little pet sitting by their side. They’re designed for kids ages 3 and up and the way they attach to your arm makes it look like they’re giving you a big hug, which little kids will love.

The design is great for on-the-go because kids can actually wear them on their bodies, or attach them to a bicycle or backpack, making them easy to carry around without getting lost. Or clip them onto bedposts or cabinet handles to work them into any room décor—safari theme, anyone? Once attached to a surface, they won’t fall off because the arms and legs will wrap around securely.

They’re soft and cuddly, especially the plush head and body, so they can be used as stuffed animals in addition to accessories. Even better? There’s a smaller, Zookiez Junior version also available.

Collect enough of them and you’ll have your very own zoo!