🎵 Sweet Caroline… ba ba ba… good times never seemed so good! 🎵

What’s your go-to karaoke song? There’s no wrong answer here, so pick your favorite! Maybe some Neil Diamond? Or how about some Spice Girls—no judgment here. Step right up, don’t be shy. Take center stage with the Kidi Star Karaoke Machine, from VTech.

This karaoke machine, designed for kids ages 5 and up, pulls no punches. It’s the real deal, with disco lights, sound effects, and a built-in recorder. It comes with sturdy plastic rods that easily snap together to create a height-adjustable stand to perform with. It even has a holder to place a phone or MP3 player on, or maybe a snack because I don’t know about you, but singing makes me hungry.

Turn on the colorful disco light to set the mood—there’s five modes to choose from, including party, peaceful, disco, starry, and happy. The light can rotate 180 degrees to face backward or forward, or it can be turned off with the push of a button.

There are eight original songs that are catchy as heck, including my personal favorite, Cosmic Super Stars.

🎶 1-2-3

Party in space with me

Let’s have fun

Dancing around the sun

Like cosmic super stars

We are cosmic super stars! 🎶

Seriously, it will be stuck in your head all day. Pro tip: The instruction booklet contains all the lyrics so you can learn them all by heart! But don’t worry, if these songs are a little too edgy for you and you’d prefer something more mainstream, feel free to plug in your MP3 player or mobile device with the included audio cable to play songs from your own collection.

Grab the mic and sing along, and when you’re ready to take the limelight, use Music Magic mode to turn down the main vocal tracks so you can be the star. There’s tons of buttons to play around with, including voice-changing effects and sound effects to add flair to your performance, including applause, cheering, and laughter, like a real concert! There’s also a record button that can record for up to five minutes so get creative, sing your heart out, and play it back to hear what you really sound like. 😳

Not only is this karaoke machine a musical toy, but there are also six games and activities built in, giving it so much more play value that’ll keep kids interested for the long haul. To play, select the Games & Tools button, and listen for instructions. For example, when you select Funky Monkey, the karaoke machine will tell you to select your tune and when you hear the music play, dance like a monkey. When you hear the music stop, freeze. Kids can interact with the karaoke machine and play solo or with a bunch of friends. There’s also non-musical games, such as Balloon Tune, where players blow into the microphone to make the hot air balloon on the screen rise.

There really is something for everyone with this karaoke machine, including so much more than a round of karaoke. Mic drop. 🎤