Hexbug.TonyHawkCircuitBoardsSkateboarding has never been my area of expertise, but that never stopped me from trying. I had my very own skateboard that never moved from its very own spot in the garage after I took a spill on it, I obsessively played Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 for hours until finally learning a few cheat codes so it actually looked like I was good, and I didn’t leave the house without at least two fingerboards in my backpack so I could pull those out during lunchtime with all of the boys in my class. Even though being a professional skateboarder wasn’t in the stars for me, it never stopped me from loving the toys and games associated with the sport and today’s kids are no different.

With Tony Hawk Circuit Boards by Hexbug, kids (skilled skateboarders or not) are still playing with fingerboards while channeling their inner professional skateboarders, but Hexbug takes it up a notch (or several). With Circuit Boards, kids can still play the traditional fingerboard style OR they can attach a power axle on the back of the board turning it into an authentic motorized Birdhouse skateboard deck that’s powered by a remote control. To power on, all kids have to do is roll the board forward to begin shredding and then they can even turn on the turbo boost for accelerated ramp action.

TonyHawkCircuitBoardsCollectorSeriesNot only can kids collect 24 authentic Birdhouse decks, but there are also different ramp and half-pipe assortments available so kids can create their own skatepark. The ultimate set (Tony Hawk Circuit Boards—Skatepark) includes one of the rarest decks available in the line, one roll-in ramp, two quarter pipes, one stairs ramp with two rails, one inner and one outer bowl, and three half boxes so kids can piece together their own custom park any way they want—and it’s really easy. Once they’ve mastered that park, they can take it all apart and build up a new one.

Whether kids are mostly interested in collecting all of the Tony Hawk decks or building the biggest, baddest skatepark, there are different sets available at price points that parents will love. Choose among a Collector Series that includes decks with six different Birdhouse graphics, Single Packs, a Ramp Assortment pack, and more all designed for kids ages 8 and up.

Check out one of our Toy Insider Kids demoing his Tony Hawk Circuit Boards Skatepark in the video below!