Get Splashed with Toilet Trouble

I never thought I would be so anxious while flushing the toilet. Wait a second, I’m not talking about the toilet you’re thinking about!

Toilet Trouble, the latest from Hasbro Gaming, has players flushing a pint-sized electronic toilet in a roulette style similar to Pie Face until someone gets sprayed. You heard it here first: Getting sprayed by (fake) toilet water is tons of fun.

The toilet itself is a little less than a foot tall, and requires a one-time simple assembly of snap-together pieces. The toilet sits on a plastic base resembling bathroom floor tiles, and the left side of the toilet features a toilet paper spinner while the right side has the handle to pull and flush. Rolling the toilet paper and flushing the toilet is easy, so even young kids can get in on the fun! Each flush plays an authentic flushing sound, just replace the demo batteries to ensure continuous play, and you’re ready to go!

The game is made for kids ages 4 and up, and requires at least two people. Players take turns spinning the toilet paper roll to determine how many times each player must flush–either once, twice, or three times. If you flush and hear a sound but no water is released, then breathe a sigh of relief because you’re safe! If by chance you’re the one who gets sprayed on, then you’re eliminated from the game. Players continue taking turns spinning the roll and flushing until one players has not been sprayed. That player is then officially the king or queen of the throne.

This game is also hilarious when you don’t follow the elimination round format. Picture this scenario: I was playing with two other people, and we ended up taking turns going in an endless circle. By chance, I was the only one who got sprayed three times in a row. We were laughing so hard that we couldn’t speak, and the suspense of flushing the toilet and waiting to get sprayed was so intense. Since I got unlucky three times in a row, we decided to switch up our order, and I ended up getting sprayed a fourth time in a row. Toilet Trouble, I won’t take this personally, but I can guarantee this game will keep kids busy and entertained for hours just like it did for me.

Toilet Trouble is the perfect game to play at any birthday party, family gathering, and more. So, which flush will cause the gush?



Manufacturer: Hasbro
MSRP: 19.99

4 Responses to “Get Splashed with Toilet Trouble”

  1. kristy knox

    Just bought 2 in two days and neither of them worked. They flush but dont splash. Cheap crap.


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