toca townIf your kids enjoy being creative and adventurous, then the new interactive app, Toca Town by Toca Boca, is perfect for them. With no set game play, Toca Town is designed for preschool-aged kids, allowing them to manipulate the small town environment of the game.

Toca Town is complete with a store, a park, a police station, a restaurant, and two houses, and each location brings something new for the kids to click on and manipulate. For instance, in the restaurant and the grocery store, kids can take the various food items displayed to make a new dish, suitable for all palates. They can also change the accessories on each of the characters, allowing them to go anywhere looking as silly as their heart desires.

Players can also interact with the app by tapping on the different objects throughout the location, such as the candles and the refrigerator door, to see what happens, and place the characters in any location they please. The app also features a reset button, which allows the player to completely reverse everything and set the game back to its original settings and create another world of their own.

The artwork is kid-friendly, colorful, and will appeal to kids’ sense of adventure and creativity by allowing them to think outside of the box in an exciting and interactive way. With its endless possibilities, Toca Town will keep kids entertained for a long period of time.