Just like all of us, these babies love pandas and unicorns and bunnies.

Tiny Toes, from Playmates Toys, are interactive dolls that fit in the palm of your hand, and come to life as kids play. They feature adorable outfits, brightly colored hair, and vibrant eyes. The dolls react to kids with different physical and audio responses, thanks to seven sensors that respond to touch, motion, and light.

Kids ages 4 and up can choose from Gigglin’ Gabby who is obsessed with pandas, Laughin’ Luna who loves unicorns, and Ticklish Tess who sports her favorite bunny outfit.

Tickle the doll’s tummy or foot to hear it giggle and laugh, and keep tickling for a cute little toot. Cover the light sensor in the doll’s hat to play a game of peek-a-boo, or pat its back after pretend mealtime to hear a burp. Kids can rub the doll’s cheek to activate a kissing noise, or hold their finger there for a surprise sound, like an even bigger toot or a cute phrase such as “pandas blow kisses!”

Each doll even encourages kids to keep playing by saying “again?” after a game of peek-a-boo or a tickle session, or “more kisses!” Kids will also hear the mini dolls say things such as “Mama!” and “Can you play with me?” And when it’s time for bed, kids can gently rock their dolls to sleep in their hands, and listen as she sings herself to sleep and snores soundly. The doll’s head, eyes, and arms move, and it has articulated legs so kids can sit the baby up or lay it down.

For just $14.99, Tiny Toes are packed with play value. While other interactive collectible toys offer random sound and motion reactions, Tiny Toes provide kids with more structured play, giving specific responses to different actions. The sensors are incredibly quick to respond, reacting to kids’ touch instantly. The actions are easy to learn, and the tiny little doll offers the perfect base for role-play fun. Plus, it’s perfect for travel and is small enough to take anywhere.

Kids will love to play with and care for their Tiny Toes dolls, and they are affordable enough to collect all three.