toothless monster

Losing and gaining a new tooth is a big deal. Whether you are a young child petrified by your first tooth falling out, or you’re perplexed by the gaping hole in your mouth, Meli the Toothless Monster is here to make this big dental journey a little less scary and a lot more fun.

Three Little Hens introduces The Toothless Monster children’s book and accompanying plush. The book, written by Ryan Dean and illustrated by Andrey Gordeev, tells the story of Meli or Monte the toothless monster. The story takes kids on a journey with the friendly, cuddly monster as its teeth come in, just like yours.

To start off its journey, families are advised to begin reading when kids lose a tooth and follow the book’s instructions in conjunction with when a child has a loose tooth. The book guides you on when to start, stop, or re-read the included poem about the young monster’s gratitude. Kids can keep track of which teeth they lose and when with the illustrated chart on the last page of the storybook.

As kids follow along with Meli’s or Monte’s journey, they can bring the story to life with the accompanying plush toy of the monster. The fuzzy purple or blue plush is perfect for cuddling, and when kids first open the package, its mouth is empty. As the book prompts, parents will help kids add the monster’s plastic teeth in its mouth as kids lose their own.

toothless monster

Did someone call for the tooth fairy? To make sure she knows where to pick up your baby teeth, there’s a small pouch under the monster’s tongue to hide a tooth for safekeeping during the night. As parents collect the child’s tooth (as the busy sprite’s assistant) from the mouth pouch, they will snap one of the plastic teeth into place until it has a full, toothy grin. As adults add a tooth for Meli each time their child loses a tooth, Three Little Hens also advises parents to replace the real tooth with a small monetary gift (a dollar or two) and a small piece of fruit, much like the friendly monster.

The package includes 16 plastic monster teeth, which can be snapped into the opening in Meli’s mouth. It can be difficult to snap in tightly, so parents are advised to use a bit of force to secure and fit snugly and evenly along its mouth.

For a wild monster adventure, parents can also use a set of glow-in-the-dark plastic teeth to light-up Meli’s mouth, which also become an effective nightlight in the dark. Then, at the end of the story, kids can keep reading for a list of Meli and Monte’s best practices for dental habits to keep that grin looking pearly white!

Overall, this is an adorable way to enhance the journey kids go through when they lose their teeth. The monster plush is soft and cuddly on its own, and adding to its smile is another way for kids and parents to interact together and create meaningful memories.