Nothing beats new crayons TI Parent Panel

There’s been such a huge craze in the world of adult coloring and it’s made me realize something: Nothing beats a new box of crayons or colored pencils.

For me, it’s like getting to dip a knife into a new jar of peanut butter. You twist the lid right off, peel back the seal, and reveal a smooth, flawless layer of sweetness. It’s perfectly untouched. The same can be said for a new box of crayons. As you open the box, the crayons look back at you with flat, fresh tips, ready to create anything your hands and imagination will allow.

If you’re like me, crayons get opened, used, and stay in the box for a little bit. Then as the box gets worn, they end up in a plastic bag or an old takeout container. This jumble of colors includes speckled, broken bits, ripped wrappers, and missing members. And yet, despite their imperfections, each time the Crayon container gets pulled out there’s fun to be had. But still, nothing beats handing your child a box of crayons and watching their eyes grow as they realize it’s new, and they will be the first person to ever use them. Perfect tips. Crisp wrappers. Everything in perfect order.

Crayon Storage -old takeout containerI love that something so simple can breathe new life into kids and adults alike. I recently forgot how special it is to open a new box of crayons, until I gave my daughter one on our last flight. I didn’t think much of it, but then she looked at me with excitement and said “It’s a new box, Mom, thank you!” There was so much delight from something so simple and inexpensive that it made me remember sometimes, the best things are the small treats.

As the aisles fill with school supplies, I make sure to pick up a few extra boxes of crayons, colored pencils, and markers so I can give this treat throughout the year to both the kids and myself.

To me, you’re never too old to color. It’s therapeutic, creative and just fun. Now, I ask you one of the oldest questions in the book: What’s your favorite color?