The Game of Things, from Patch Products, is a game that makes players think outside the box and get to know each other better. One player reads a card from the deck. Each card features a prompt that begins with “THINGS … ” followed by a category such as “… you would like an all-access pass to,” “… that are different in France,” or “… a horse would like to say to its rider.” Each player, including the reader, must write a response to the card, and then the reader must guess who wrote each response.

This is a great party games for teens as well as adults, as it can be as literal, figurative, innocent, suggestive, funny, serious, or practical as the player wants it to be. Cards such as “THINGS … you never hear one cowboy say to another” and “THINGS … that are sticky” have the potential to take the game to a rowdier level, while “THINGS … you would call your own perfume,” “THINGS … that are too expensive,” and “THINGS … you would do if you were the mayor” may elicit sillier or more literal replies. The Game of Things is intended for four or more players ages 14 and up.