Tek Recon HavokWith the Tek Recon Havok, from Teck 4 Kids, kids and teens will feel like they are right in the middle of one of their favorite video games. This new tech-enhanced blaster features a working trigger and pump action blasting, so users can decide how they want to blast targets or opponents. The blaster fires specially designed rubber NRG Rounds up to 75 feet with impressive force. The rounds don’t make any scuff marks or mess, and they don’t hurt when you get blasted with them—even on bare skin (something I was a bit afraid to test, but it really isn’t bad). Though ideal for outdoor use, I’ve seen the blasters used safely indoors (as long as Mom’s favorite Precious Moments figurine isn’t in range). Though the sleek design and vibrant metallic color palette are great features, the best part about Tek Recon is that it is compatible with a fully developed free iOS and Android app. Kids and teens can place their smartphone or iPod touch into the included docking base and create their own profile with a unique username and avatar. The app features GPS technology to track teammates and opponents. There’s also an interactive heads up display, which allows users to select one of four vision modes that will enhance the battle and give them the best view, regardless of the environment. Vision options include Standard, Night Vision, Heat Seeker (my favorite), and X-Ray. Also part of the app is the Instant Live Chat system, which is great for team play. Players can stay in constant communication throughout their blasting game. Users can simply tap the chat button to call out enemy locations, flag capturing tactics, and more—this further enhances the interactive experience. The app includes three different modes of game play: Isolation (every man for himself), Team Supremacy (team battle), and Capture the Flag (with flags users can scan when captured). Kids and teens can customize their gaming experience by selecting from a number of blaster sound effects that play each time the blaster fires. The Havok also includes a stealth mode setting to silence the blaster whenever necessary. The technological features that Tech 4 Kids has incorporated into this blaster makes it stand out from its competitors on the shelves. For an extremely aggressive price point, kids and teens get a TON of lasting play value. A truly immersive experience, this product is even an ideal gift for older game lovers—“big kids,” as I like to call them.

Watch Tek Recon in action!