New York’s world-famous web-slinger is answering the call to action with Hasbro‘s Spider-Man: Homecoming Tech-Suit Spider-Man.

Marvel’s newest Spidey-centric film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, hit theaters last weekend, and what better way to celebrate his official return to the big screen than by hearing some cool phrases from this nifty motion-activated action figure. Standing at 15 inches tall, Tech-Suit Spidey reacts to just about any way that kids hold with his light-up eyes and an authentic movie voice that speaks more than 40 different phrases.

The Tech-Suit Spider-Man figure features two different modes. The figure itself doesn’t have and on/off switch, so kids must turn him on by moving his arm up or down. Lifting Spider-Man’s arm and spreading his Spider-Gliders activates Flight Mode. By whooshing him through the air, kids will hear some epic flight sounds and hear Spider-Man yell some cool phrases as he pretends to take on the Vulture, his avian adversary featured in the movie. Lowering his arm puts him into Battle mode. When kids thrust him, shake him, or hold him upside-down, Spider-Man reacts accordingly with web-shooting phrases, battle cries, and even trying to get used to the dizziness. Kids can experiment with all kinds of different movements to hear all of his phrases. Even leaving him idle will have Spidey talk about his tingling Spider-Sense, and leaving him idle for about 35 seconds will turn him off automatically.

Kids and Spider-Man fans alike will definitely want to add this figure to their collections of Spidey paraphernalia. Tech-Suit Spider-Man provides tons of motion-activated fun that will keep kids moving and entertained. The figure itself is also nicely detailed and crafted for a sleek finish and movie-like replication. Tech-Suit Spidey doesn’t feature many points of articulation, so he isn’t exactly poseable, but he can still pull off some cool-looking standard action poses that are perfect for displaying.

For the Spidey-fanatic in just about all of us, the Tech-Suit Spider-Man is the perfect way to show some love for the web-slinging, wall-crawling Marvel Comics icon.