Take one look at Luna Petunia and it’s easy to see, this girl is ready to party. Wide-eyed and rocking a colorful raver-chick ensemble, her energy is contagious.

The Talking Luna Petunia Doll, from Funrise, is based on the Netflix series Luna Petunia, about an adventurous little girl who learns how to make the impossible possible. She lives in the dreamy land of Amazia, with popcorn storms, jelly jungles, and volcanos that erupt fireworks. The show was inspired by the circus troupe Cirque du Soleil, known for their neon costumes and flashy set designs, so it’s no surprise that this 14” Luna doll is bold, bright, and full of spirit.

The doll’s electric blue curls are piled high on top of her head, streaked with glitzy strands of iridescent tinsel and faux bangs swooping across her forehead. She holds it all back with a glittering hot pink headband, adorned with a flower bursting with teeny tiny stars, like a galaxy emerging from her hair. Her brown eyebrows lead me to believe blue is not her natural color but girl knows how to work it. It takes confidence to pull off hair that bright!

She’s clad in a blue and pink dress belted at the waist with bell sleeves, a denim vest with crescent moon buttons, and a glittery pink, white, and blue ombre tulip skirt – or maybe it’s a Petunia skirt – over a glittering blue tutu peeking out underneath. Accessories complete her look with pink and purple striped leggings à la the Cheshire Cat, paired with translucent purple glitter jelly boots, arms stacked with multicolored bangles, and a pink and green beaded necklace. She has large brown eyes with lashes to kill for, rosy cheeks, a swipe of coral lipstick and a big smile, the best accessory of all.

Her necklace is more than just a statement – it’s functional too. Kids can press on the magical piece of jewelry to hear Luna speak one of her signature phrases from the show and to hear sounds from Amazia.

“I’m Luna Petunia, nice to meet you,” she says. Luna’s upbeat and full of energy, even at 9 in the morning. “Oh, that’s amazing,” she chirps.

Her arms and legs move, her head can turn, and she’s eager to explore and learn.

“Let’s have an adventure in Amazia-land!” How can anything be bad when you live in a place called Amazia-land, and how can I get there?