Hang Out with the Funniest TMNT Turtle


Talk-to-Me Mikey, from Playmates Toys, is the most interactive TMNT turtle kids could ever imagine.

This holiday season, kids can chat, sing, and play with the funniest Ninja Turtle in the whole squad (I firmly believe this, but I’m open to debate anyone about Mikey being the best turtle). I didn’t think that Playmates Toys could beat its line up from last year (including a GIANT Leonardo play set), but I found myself playing with this toy all day long.

Mikey himself sits a bit taller than an iPhone, and is just the right size to fit perfectly in both of kids’ hands. Just like in the series, comic books, movies, and more, Mikey comes complete with his orange bandana, signature nunchucks, and goofy smile. Kids can play with Mikey even when he’s not turned on with his poseable arms and humorous demeanor.

But once he’s on, the TMNT magic happens, and Mikey is ready for “listen mode.” Kids can activate him by saying, “Hey Mikey” or “Michelangelo,” or they can press the brown button on his belt. Mikey will reply with a cheeky phrase, such as, “Talk to me, bro” and the T-Comm on his belt will turn green, indicating that he is listening.

Then, Mikey will hear what kids say and talk back. Kids can ask him 10 questions or phrases and get different responses in return each time. I am so impressed by the incredibly fast response time, and sometimes Mikey is ready to answer before you finish your question or phrase. However, kids need to make sure that they say the phrases exactly as they’re meant to be asked without pause or breaks. But, fear not, for all of the phrases are thoughtfully placed on the back of Mikey’s legs (out of sight). The questions are also easy enough to practice and memorize after a few times. Fun fact: Mikey is tuned to recognize kids’ voices better than adults.

I dare literally anyone to try not to laugh or smile after hearing some of these responses. He has multiple responses to each question or phrase, so kids will be surprised with each new reply. Kids can ask questions such as, “Do you like being a Turtle?,” “How are your ninja skills?,” and “Can you tell me a secret?” Kids can also play a fortune teller game with Mikey. When kids ask, “Tell me the future…” Mikey will give a fun prediction when kids ask a yes or no question.

My favorite is when I asked Mikey to sing a song, and I laughed out loud when he sang, “I like nunchucks bro and I cannot lie.” #same.

To save battery, Mikey will go to sleep after a few minutes of downtime, or if kids tell him to go to sleep. He will respond with the phrases, “Sleep is for the weak,” “But I’m not even sleepy,” and “Just a few more minutes, pleeeeeaaaaase!,” which sounds exactly like me when I was a kid.

Mikey also features motion and position sensors, so kids can interact with him using a bunch of different movements. Mikey will know when he’s on his back (and will let you know with a funny, “I can see up your nose”) and when he’s spinning, he says, “I’m breakdancing!” Kids can also shake him up and down and from side to side, which illicits even more silly phrases.

Guaranteed for hours of fun, kids are going to need a lot of energy to keep up with this fun-loving turtle!



Manufacturer: Playmates Toys
MSRP: $39.99; Available this Fall

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