Source: UltraPro Entertainment/the Toy Insider

Gumdrops, marshmallows, and candy, oh my! Sweetlandia is a board game that kids will have to try!

UltraPro Entertainment is launching Sweetlandia, a new world-building game with sweet, sugary surprises in store for kids ages 8 and up. Players can let their imaginations roam free as they set off on confectionary voyages to places like Lemonade Lake and Candy Cornfields.

Players will use bidding cards to acquire building areas in various Sweetlandia locations, such as Gumdrop Garden and Marshmallow Mountain. Some of the constructions are pun-derfully delightful, such as the “Turkish Delighthouse” and “Fruitcake Falls.” Kids will play their way to a delicious victory in three rounds by choosing the right locations to build and earning doughnuts from Mayor McSweet. The player with the most doughnut points wins!

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Sweetlandia includes 36 bidding cards, a Mayor McSweet bidding card, 60 location cards, 20 incentive cards, and a score sheet pad. This game is for 2-6 players, but the experience is always sweeter with more company! Who knows what kind of tasty developments are in store. Sweetlandia is priced at $15 and is available at Amazon, Target, and Visit Sweetlandia and make kids’ wildest confectionary dreams come true!