All heroes have something that causes them challenges — even Superman. This time of year many people can feel like their kryptonite is cold weather. Super Blanky may not be ready to save the world, but it will keep kids feeling like warm little heroes. 

It offers way more comfort than an average blanket, due to the heroic emblems printed on them. Kids can choose between Ryan’s World, Paw Patrol, L.O.L Surprise, and DC Comics’ Batman. Each one offers a soft, cozy fabric and includes a hero mask!

This blanket is not just decorated, but it also offers kids the chance to become heroes themselves. It has two rectangular pieces sewed inside, so kids can slide their arms into them and wear the blanket as a cape! There is no tying a string around the neck like most capes, so there’s no safety risk of it getting stuck or kids getting hurt.

Super Blanky is perfect whether kids are heading out to fight crime or they’re coming back inside after a long day of playing in the snow. At 40 inches by 50 inches, it makes a great car blanket. When kids aren’t wearing their new cape, it can be folded just like a normal blanket.

From superhero to super comfortable, the Super Blanky has kids covered.