Stay Above the Surface With Sunk!

Ready, set, pour!

Sunk, from Winning Moves Games, is a new social, skill, and action game that challenges kids ages 10 and up to add water—one drop at a time—into a floating cup. If players add too much and sink it, they’re sunk too. Included in the set is a clear acrylic Sunk tank, a plastic float cup, a plastic water pitcher, a die, a set of challenge cards, and instructions on how to play.

Sunk can be set up quickly, making it a great game to play on the fly. Players can get started by filling the tank halfway with water, and then filling the water pitcher about three-quarters. Once that’s done, they can place the plastic float cup in the tank and start pouring. In a clockwise rotation, players take turns rolling the special die included in the set. Each roll will dictate whether the player has to pour one, two, or three drops of water into the float cup. Using a steady hand and a polished aim, kids will have to attempt to fill the float cup with the required amount of drops. Trust me when I say it’s not as easy as it looks. It’ll take patience and a handful of over-aggressive pours before kids master the perfect drop. If kids roll a “C,” they’ll have to draw one of 20 challenge cards. These cards force players to perform specific tasks while they add water into the float cup, making the task hilariously difficult. Challenges include things such as hopping on one foot, pouring with their least dominant hand, and pouring with an arm fully extended. Some challenge cards even offer a free pass for players to use immediately or save for later. Players can also create their own silly tasks on pieces of paper, or use the two blank challenge cards provided.

If a player sinks the float cup on their turn, they’re eliminated from contention and a new round begins with an empty float cup. The remaining players continue to play until each one of them is sunk.

An ideal tabletop game for both kids and adults, Sunk is sure to make a splash on any family game night.



Manufacturer: Winning Moves Games
MSRP: $15.95

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