Parties may look a little different nowadays, but balloons will never go out of style. Stuffaloons from Jay@Play give kids a creative way to make balloons even more poppin’.

With the Stuffaloons Maker, kids can create cool presents and fun decorations. The set includes 12 clear balloons, six reusable clips, and plenty of accessories to get crafty with. Kids inflate the balloon and then fill it with the included ribbon, confetti, pom-poms, plush, and more.

Kids don’t just have to use what comes in the box. While it’s best to use the Stuffaloons balloons — which can be bought separately — the items that go inside are just limited by what fits! For Halloween, kids could decorate their haunted house with spooky plush or black and orange confetti. For Thanksgiving, putting an entire turkey inside is not recommended, but a cute cutout of one surrounded by brown and orange ribbon would look great. Anything that is small and not too heavy will work — and kids can always get it back after by popping the balloon.

As for how to create these pieces of art, the video below explains it really well. Parents’ help is recommended, but depending on how crafty kids are they may be able to it all by themselves. The big piece of advice to takeaway seems to be not to overinflate, but that comes easily with practice.

Whether it’s for a party or just for something to do on a weekend indoors, Stuffaloons give kids a creative outlet unlike any other. When done decorating, kids can play games with the balloons— such as my all-time favorite, Don’t Let it Touch the Floor Even if You Break Something in the Process — decorate their rooms, or just inflate and create even more!