Squeeze them, mold them, and throw them at the wall to hear them splat! What are they?! Sticky toys! The Sticky line, from Hog Wild Toys, is a moldable, washable line of fidget toys in multiple animal varieties, from axolotl to octopus.

The toy can splat against any surface, but it only sticks on walls. Throw it against tile, and it just bounces to the ground. As the name implies, it is sticky, but not as uncomfortably so as some other toys in the category. They do get dirty easily, but they can be washed with soap and water without damaging the stickiness. They do not, however, regain their painted-on features after those begin to peel away. After falling off of my ceiling, the octopus did suffer some unfortunate chafing. Other details, such as the pig’s curly tail or the octopus’ bucktooth, stay intact.

The strong desire I had to throw Sticky the Octopus at the ceiling is probably mirrored and multiplied by 10 for kids, who will enjoy throwing Sticky all around and waiting for him to finally fall. They might be waiting a while though: Sticky took from five to 15 minutes to go splat after being throwing — so it could be a while until kids see it again unless they can persuade an adult to grab a ladder and peel it off.

They can be molded easily and keep their shape for a long time. A pig kept on my desk overnight looked the same in the morning! Bonus: The rubber smell it had when I took it out of the package was gone. The Sticky toys range in price from $4.99-9.99 and can match any kid’s favorite thing — even if that means unicorn poop.