Step2’s Pro Play Workshop & Utility Bench | Source: Step2

It’s important to keep your toolbox up to date — and that includes your toy tools!

Step2 has launched several kid-sized playsets full of tools for tinkering and workspace to play in that would even make adult woodworkers jealous. Kids can use these sets to fine-tune their motor skills, role-play, and let their imaginations soar!

The Handy Helper’s Workbench features realistic wood grain detailing, a sturdy tabletop, and built-in storage with a shelf and a pegboard to hang toy tools on. The set is priced at $64.99 and includes Durafoam pieces that look like real wood. Kids can use the piece to build their own creations with the included play tools. There is also a working vise that kids can use to hold the Durafoam pieces, as well as a battery-operated, pretend power drill; a saw; a wrench; a screwdriver; and a hammer.

Little builders can develop fine motor skills as they play with the Handyman Workbench, featuring a peg board with hanging clips to hang tools from, a working play drill, a work light, a working vise to keep projects stable, a large work surface for creative projects, a project kit made of realistic foam, and four storage bins for easy clean-up. Available for $84.99, the set includes more than 30 accessories.

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The Pro Play Workshop & Utility Bench is a deluxe playset with a large workbench space, a pull-out utility bench, and 75 included accessories. The set is priced at $179.99 and has enough space for multiple kids to play together. Kids can use the spring-action vise to hold the Durafoam pieces as they build their creations. It also includes a battery-operated, pretend power drill; a drill press; a hammer; a hand saw; and even more tools. Kids can clean up after playtime with the molded-in utility sink and keep the pretend workbench set tidy by storing accessories in the storage jars, cabinets, bins, and on the pegboard.

These playsets are available now at major retailers and