starwarsbladebuildersBeing good is overrated.

Of course all Star Wars fans dream of awakening The Force within them and defending their galaxy, but there’s no denying that every now and then it’s always fun to play the bad guy. If you may be one of the select few who’ve never been tempted to turn to the dark side, the Star Wars BladeBuilders Spin-Action Lightsaber from Hasbro is about to change that.


bladebuildersspinnerThe lightsaber comes with multiple parts and pieces to amplify the fun and help kids combat against the Resistance fighters. One way for kids to defend themselves is when the lightsaber and light dagger are attached to the spinning connector. With that, there will be 360 degrees of protection against any enemies. Trust me, spinning it around and switching from weapon to weapon is way too much fun and will keep kids, parents, and superfans entertained for hours. With just the slight flick of a wrist, the lightsaber extends to protect its owner.

bladebuildersswWhen the BladeBuilder is on, the red lightsaber and lightdagger will light up and create movie-inspired battle noises as kids wave it through the air. Additionally, the adjustable connectors easily snap and pop into place. That said, with a little twist and turn action, the pieces come right off, which allows kids to use their weapons alone. Another way to amp up the fun is when kids use other BladeBuilders they own and combine the pieces for unique play.

Be prepared to get in touch with your dark side and keep the fun going around and around (literally) with the Star Wars BladeBuilder Spin-Action Light Saber.