With the Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber, from Hasbro, kids can use their creativity and imaginative minds to head into battle confidently equipped. Designed for kids ages 4 and up, this Bladebuilders system offers young warriors supporting the light side of the Force the chance to fight for justice on planet Earth. (Or maybe just sibling peace in the household.)

What’s great about this Lightsaber is that it’s not just a standard Lightsaber. Included in the box is one main Lightsaber, two independently-lit lightdaggers (they’re as cool as they sound), one expansion hilt, two elbow connectors, one dual connector, and one cross connector.

But Joe, what does this all mean?!

It means options! Using all of the unique components in the box, kids can create more than 100 different combinations of intergalactic weaponry. And no, that’s not a typo. An array of expansion pieces truly adds some play value to this product. Low-key Jedis can enjoy the simplicity and portability of a single lightdagger, while the less modest, through the use of connectors, can opt for a powerful combination of both dagger and saber. I can just see the dark side forces shaking in their boots.

Star Wars 2

Designed to look just like the Lightsabers in the movies, the main saber simulates classic lights and sounds, rising in pitch and volume as kids wave it rapidly through the air. It even makes a crackle sound upon contact. The saber glows a bright blue color, while the two lightdaggers emit a vibrant green.

The included connectors are even compatible with other Bladebuilders Lightsabers (sold separately), proving that there’s really no end to what kids can cook up with the system.

All that’s left to do now is build and battle.