Move over, horseshoes. Star Toss is amping up our summer tailgate.

POOF Outdoor Games Star Toss, from Alex Brands, is a new spin on the classic game of horseshoes. Just like the backyard game we know and love, two teams place two stakes in the ground (a recommended) 40 feet apart, then toss the stars at the stake. Where the star lands is how players determine how many points they score. Easy and familiar right?

However, the shape of the stars jazz up this game. Since there are five points on the star—instead of a horseshoe’s two prongs—there are more opportunities to score. The star closest to the stake gets one point; a star leaning against the stake gets three; if you land with the stake between any two prongs from the star’s five points you get five points; and getting the center circle around the steak will score 10 points. There’s so many opportunities to score, so your competition can be fierce.

The lightweight, yet durable, plastic makes this game easy to travel with—just throw it in a bag and take it to the beach, set it up in your backyard, take it to your friend’s BBQ, play at a tailgate, the summertime fun is limitless. The lighter pieces also lets the whole family get in on the fun. Younger kids can play along with older kids, since the stars are relatively easy to throw and feature bumpy grips so they’re easy to hold on to while throwing.

So, wherever you’re heading this summer, get the family up and active with a little friendly competition of Star Toss.